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Posted by The Morganater at on October 09, 2003 at 16:24:55:

In Reply to: the ONE question POLL.... BA-BAUUUUMMMM!!!!! posted by Altmann on October 09, 2003 at 13:58:34:

My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Benning (such an old witch!), used to tell kids that they were stupid (she told me that on several occasions), she would keep kids in, and not let them eat lunch if they didn't get their work done (or if she just didn't like them). She used to point her yardstick at kids when she called on them, and yelled, "you!" I remember one time, she poked this kid in the eye. It was one she didn't like, I believe...I used to come home crying everyday. She was the reason my mom put me in Catholic School, as a matter of fact...

Then there was Mrs. Day, my kindergarten teacher...she used to humiliate me a lot too...I remember one time after my mom had a conference with her, she came up to me, and told me that my mom was a liar. (apparently she didn't believe that I could read, because I didn't do it around her, because I HATED her, and because I was just really, really shy). She used to laugh at me when I would sit there reading silently to myself at naptime, and she'd be like, "come on! Read!" like in this really mocking tone of voice. She would also laugh when other kids would pick on me. She was a bitch too...

Good old Wayland Elementary School! *sigh*

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