I'm just trying to get Kevin into a speedo... *nt*

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Posted by PantherModern at 64-205-217-231.client.dsl.net on October 09, 2003 at 15:42:19:

In Reply to: Holy shit that was funny! *nt* posted by cokechic on October 09, 2003 at 15:38:59:

: : Get yourself a speedo and put a picture of Ben and Jen on the front "pouch" area. Then get a few pics taken of you wearing said speedo and send them to the magazines. Tell them, "Yes, the movie will be marketed on me. Literally. All over me. Arent Jen and Ben tasty? On my crotch."

: :
: : : Anyone see this story?

: : : >

: : : Speaking as a guy who's about as close to this movie and the marketing plans as it gets, I
: : : can tell you that there's no truth to that story. Market the movie on me? So fucking
: : : ridiculous.

: : : Trust me: I've seen the marketing concepts on this movie from as early on as when we were
: : : still shooting upto just yesterday. EVERY poster is centered around Affleck. Some show
: : : Affleck and Jen, some show Affleck and the kid (which would make the most sense), some
: : : show Affleck and Liv Tyler. None show me. And as with every flick I've made, this is not
: : : billed as "A Film By Kevin Smith" - the hallmark of any marketing campaign built on the
: : : director.

: : : "The Fourth Film by Quentin Tarantino"? THAT'S a director-driven marketing campaign. A
: : : standard "Written and Directed by Kevin Smith"? That's hardly what I'd call selling a flick on
: : : the director's back.

: : : Smells like some editor at Us Magazine was desperate for a Ben and Jen story. That this
: : : bogus tidbit fit the bill shows a surprising amount of creativity on their part, but further
: : : solidifies their reputation in the print community as little more than a glossy version of the
: : : Enquirer.

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