Oh fuck me twice. This is so sickening

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Posted by shitty speller...DEAL WITH IT! at 24-205-35-70.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net on October 13, 2003 at 15:54:37:

Reading about this show actually pains me. That and Camp Jim. Have you seen the ads for that? EHHHHHHHHHHH how low can MTV go?!?

I did see the previews for WILD BOYS, with stev-o and chris pontius that looked hilarious. just like jackass(which I loved), but harrasing wild animals. They will pulling dingleberries off of a yack. Classic. And I think bam has a show out too.

read below with caution. it will bother anyone slightly sane.

NEW YORK (AP) - Two wealthy young women dash around New York City, mindlessly spending money while TV cameras follow them.

But they're not the notorious Hilton sisters. They're Ally Hilfiger and Jamie Gleicher, the teenage stars of MTV's latest reality series, ``Rich Girls.''

``We just prance around this damn city like it's, like, our shopping haven,'' Hilfiger, the daughter of designer Tommy Hilfiger, says in the first episode, scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. ET Oct. 28.

But she adds, ``Just because we're rich doesn't mean that we're not good people.''

And her pal Gleicher says she's learned from her privileged life that ``money does not buy happiness.''

In the premiere, cameras capture them riding in a limousine to shop for prom dresses and going to the upscale Frederic Fekkai salon to have their hair and nails done. Gleicher also debates whether to lose her virginity on prom night.

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