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Posted by Rkelly38 at dummyville-1.msns.sm.ptd.net on October 13, 2003 at 12:50:35:

In Reply to: Nir-fucking-vana. posted by FistofSloth on October 13, 2003 at 12:41:31:

obviously they are no the saviors of rock and roll, but nirvana never intending on being that.
whatever tag you want to put on the band after they are gone is your business, but you can't
deny that they where a very important part of music culture. Alot of fucking bands today
get their sound from them, and in no way is the band nirvana over-rated. If we are going to
talk over-rated crap here, why would we bring up such great bands as the doors, the
beatles, the stones, the dead. Come on, these where all great, unfluential artists, who
deserve to be rated highly because of the shit they put out. I don't get these over-rated
polls anyway. These bands that you are saying are over-rated, are popular because the put
out great fucking music, not because of some rating system that over-rated them. Get your
minds out of MTV world, and Billboard top ten lists. To say you don't like to beatles is one
thing, but to say they are over-rated? It makes no sense to me.


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