Will , you're post reminds me i've only weeks

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Posted by molting at on October 13, 2003 at 08:25:43:

left to muddle through with this next legal procedure.
i am having trouble summing up what to say for some help, or how to ask for any help, if any body can, (which i positive many can).

it all seems too sensitive, but probably i'm over re-acting.

ok i'll try one thing ,

1. Police Assault, (apparently by me)- did any body else here or friend/family and shit have an incident where they sustained injury from being arrested which could not of been done how the AUTHORITY was saying.

that is shit isn't it and not plain, you see the problem i have, i'll leave that for now . (there are things attached to that, which are dodgy also, where i'm fucking sure other people here have been SHAFTED.

2. since another criminal thing i'm involved in now seems to be over according to Legal People, it seems my sentencs (sp?) is

to quote from mates
" a bit fucking steep ".

got to go now. thanks

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