The first poll I've taken part in!!!

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Posted by cowgoesmoo at on October 13, 2003 at 07:27:36:

In Reply to: Strange personal frustrations poll posted by Will Turner, Karaoke King on October 13, 2003 at 06:33:40:

1) There's this song by a band called Len, it's called Be My Sunshine, was released a couple of summers ago. When the girl in the band sings the chorus, I feel physically sick and nauseus (sp?) for no apparent reason.

2) Boybands on TV. When they sing a ballad, they'll sit on stools, and I anticipate the inevitable moment when they'll all stand up, and then the equally inevitable key change towards the end of the song.

3) The people I always manage to sit or stand behind at gigs. Prime example: Travis, Wembley Arena, March of 2002. I'm sitting behind two post-middle-age women who feel compelled to do nothing but sway their heads to the music... except they don't do it to the music, they sway to the rhythm that only they can hear in their senile heads.

4) My drunk dad. Last night epitomises it. I'm happily watching the premiere of The Royal Tenenbaums on TV (loved it, by the way) and my dad, drunk after a day of the Rugby World Cup, was sure that he'd seen the film on a plane to somewhere. "Ok," I said. Yet he still had to go on about it, telling me that he knew he'd seen it because such and such will happen later in the film, thereby revealing important plot points that I would've liked to have seen for myself before knowing about them. He also managed to piss me off by singing along to all of the songs in the movie in his drunken state, not loud or anything, but managing to ruin any emotional impact those songs were meant to have. He does other stuff when drunk that annoy me too, but I've already written too much.

5) Last one... lemme think about this... okay, I've got it. Reality TV, and in particular the people who watch it and subsequently get obsessed by it. That said, Fame Academy this year was pretty good.

So, how did I do for my first poll?

The Smiffmeister

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