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Posted by Übermenschİ at on October 09, 2003 at 11:53:55:

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In or to a higher position: looking up.
In a direction opposite to the center of the earth or a comparable gravitational center: up from the lunar surface.
In or to an upright position: sat up in bed.

Above a surface: coming up for air.
So as to detach or unearth: pulling up weeds.
Above the horizon: as the sun came up.
Into view or existence: draw up a will.
Into consideration: take up a new topic.
In or toward a position conventionally regarded as higher, as on a scale, chart, or map: temperatures heading up; up in Canada.
To or at a higher price: stocks that are going up.
So as to advance, increase, or improve: Our spirits went up.
With or to a greater intensity, pitch, or volume: turn the sound up.
Into a state of excitement or turbulence: stir up; rouse up.
Completely; entirely: drank it up in a gulp; fastened up the coat.
Used as an intensifier of the action of a verb: typed up a list.
So as to approach; near: came up and kissed me.
To a stop: pulled up in front of the station.
Each; apiece: The score was tied at 11 up.
Apart; into pieces: tore it up.
Nautical. To windward.

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