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Posted by AndieDaste at on October 12, 2003 at 22:04:33:

Hey Kevin,

I've been a fan for quite a while, and my boyfriend Nick found it a moral atrocity that I had never seen "Chasing Amy." I guess the reason behind that is that I had an ex boyfriend who quoted it constantly with his best friend, and I felt I already knew the movie well. I was so wrong. Sitting with my new beau, I found myself watching "Amy" and being transported back to when I was dating my ex, a guy still in his teens, while I was entering my twenties. He had claimed I was "number 32" and it made me feel totally inadequate. But I was in love, or so I thought, and I worked past it. But I digress. Watching this movie struck such a cord with me that I can't watch it again. I read the insert in the DVD, and at the end of it, you stated that you wanted this film to get to people's hearts. I just had to tell you that it got to mine. It may not seem like a compliment to tell a director that I liked his film so much that I can't see it again, but trust me, it is. I've been in theater since the age of 8, and rarely does a film get to me. Mostly because I see actors reciting lines from scripts, not characters, not realities. "Amy" shoved me back to a place I hadn't been in years, and it floods my mind with so many memories I can barely breathe. I hope you know I'm paying you a major compliment here. Well done, Kevin. You managed to do what scripts, books, TV and films couldn't do in my entire life... reach a confused and broken heart like mine.. Thanks.

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