KILL BILL was wicked bad ass

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Posted by skunksmokinsnoogans at on October 12, 2003 at 14:52:50:

I loved KILL BILL but I don't think it should have been split up into two movies...I felt that after it was over that I only saw half a movie (which is true) and that it was still only just getting started. There have been lots of long full length feature films that have been released at the boxoffice in recent history such as DANCES WITH WOLVES and APACOLYPSE NOW that were never split into two seperate movies and I feel that this is what should have been done with KILL BILL even though it is kinda cool that we have to wait to see how it ends. I definately loved KILL BILL being a big fan myself of KUNG FU movies and BRUCE LEE having watched such movies as 5 FINGERS OF DEATH and 5 DEADLY VENOMS when I was a kid as well as all of BRUCE LEE'S movies and thought the action fight scenes in KILL BILL were the most outstanding fight sequences I have ever seen in a kung-fu like flick. I especially liked the GOGO character because she really turned me on (I don't know if it was the name or the school dress) and I could never take my eyes off of her when ever she was in the frame. I also loved all the ass and crotch shots of UMA and never saw a movie before with so many great ass and crotch shots...BIG PROPS TO QUENTIN FOR THAT! I DEFINATELY can't wait for KILL BILL part 2 to come out because I want to see UMA kick some more ass and finish that fucking BILL off! I bet it's gonna rock harder than the first one!

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