And, you mis-spelled "egregious," too, cretin -nt

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Posted by Mackity Mack at on October 11, 2003 at 23:36:30:

In Reply to: I'm Very Embarrased Right Now... posted by Gameday on October 11, 2003 at 23:28:00:

: I can't believe how many times in the above post I used the wrong form of "you're".

: The contraction "you're" is short for "you are". "Your" indicates possession.

: Sorry I made those egrigious grammatical mistakes. Those things irk the hell out of me.

: : When the man is not around, your trashing his movie - a movie you probably have never seen.

: : Now, when he IS around, you're acting all googly-eyed?

: : Don't you GET it??? He doesn't WANT to "bitch slap" you. He certainly doesn't want you to trash his movies (without seeing them first). Yet you seem to think this is some cool back-and-forth you have.

: : What you did was really uncool, and he remembered it. He may have had a snappy comeback to give it to you a little, but the whole reason he remembered it in the first place is because it stung. Maybe just a little, but a sting nonetheless.

: : Your a fan of his, right? Than SUPPORT those you are a fanatic of. Do not criticize unfairly. (Of course, you can FAIRLY criticize all you want - see the movie, decide why you don't like it, and post accordingly).

: : : Never had a movie director bitch-slap me before.

: : : By the way, prince still wants his camel.

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