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Posted by Mackity Mack at on October 11, 2003 at 13:50:34:

In Reply to: SCHOOL OF ROCK IS FUCKING AWESOME posted by DanShoryu on October 11, 2003 at 12:47:34:

: Excuse the language and the screaming, but that made me laugh so fucking hard.
: Jack Black and those little kids kick ass. They should be the new Tenacious D.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but the world doesn't revolve around a single axis. I 've seen much worse movies, of course, but I doubt I've seen a lamer interpretation of "rocking." Yes' "Roundabout" will blow his mind, Black's character tells a ten-year-old, forgetting, completely, that he's not speaking to a STUPID ten-year-old. The kids are cute when they play their little AC/DC cover - in a "golly-it's-the-mini-Prince-and-the-Revolution"-kinda way. It's also utterly predictable, every moment. Maybe the rock-n-roll you listen to is cliched and warmed-over, in which case, this movie would seem dead-on brilliant.

I laughed once, but it was a sorta-creepy, uncomfortable giggle, at the sight of a half-naked Jack black. God! Who wants to see that? Wasn't naked Kathy Bates bad enough?

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