Asshole said he'd never release the originals.

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Posted by AsianPersuasion at on October 11, 2003 at 03:18:21:

In Reply to: Well of course he's gonna put them on DVD..... posted by GTJDorris on October 08, 2003 at 22:27:47:

I think he's a fuckhead since he doesn't want the original versions to be put out. Just think... every generation from here forth will think that Han was a pussy for letting Greedo get the jump on him and that not all bounty hunters are good at their job because they can miss at point blank.

And, shit, let's not get started on the first Jabba scene and that he was the same size there as in The Phantom Menace and...

...shit, if he's going to change a movie after he makes it, why doesn't he realize that the Phantom Menace was fucking terrible and edit the shit out of that? Hell, he could've milked Darth Maul for, like, another movie.

Ah, but I'm ranting.

George Lucas should hand the writing duties off to the team that wrote The Empire Strikes Back and slap his kids for whatever inspiration they may have provided when the Ewoks, save Wicket, and every overly cute alien since.

:'s just a matter of when. I don't know the guy so I don't know if he honestly believes there's some moral to holding out, but I say it's just to bilk you out of cash. And naturally it'll be the original cut, then the SE cut, then special DVD package deal with action figures and crap included. Lucas sucks.

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