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Posted by Barry Lutz at on October 10, 2003 at 12:03:01:

Here's an example of what goes on here lately for those who want to skip all the B.S.

1. Jack Black rules/ Jack Black sucks posts

2. Ming/ Kev, who do I have to suck to get an invite to SB2? Posts

3. Some newbie posting, "You are the ones that are the ball lickers..."

4. Someone getting in a retarded arguement...usually with Lynch

5. People asking stupid questions with out even visiting the summaries

6. Someone just realizing that Janeane Garofalo now has blonde hair and posting a pic...followed by Janeane is hot/ Janeane sucks posts.

7. How do I go about getting a comic published posts

8. Look at this hot piece of ass picture posts

9. Kev posts a message, the board lights up with good questions, moronic questions, and well wishers. (which is always cool)

Not complaining...just an observation...this place is always good for a few good laughs...feel free to add on.

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