it's not that i don't support the him

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Posted by MasterdeBater774 at on October 08, 2003 at 23:11:06:

In Reply to: And you refer to yourself as a debating master. posted by Übermenschİ on October 08, 2003 at 22:47:41:

: Or was that simply a pun that you felt was particularly witty?

: I don't make ignorant, judgmental comments. Judgmental, yes. Ignorant, definitely not. Your presumption that I dislike DMB due to not listening to them is fallacious, you're saying that, "No one who knows what they're talking about can dislike them!" I have listened to DMB and they're profoundly overrated, musically and especially lyrically. Don't get me started on Dave's voice, I'd sooner listen to Gilbert Gottfried croon Broadway tunes.

that's your own opinion, i didn't say "no one who knows what they're talking about can dislike them!" i just said that if you did know what they were about then you'd know that saying that they cater to "date-rapist frat boys" is a completely false statement... and by saying so i believe it's an ignorant statement because it is.

: You don't want to waste money on an album you can get for free? If you like Dave Matthew so much, why the fuck aren't you paying him for a job well done? I'm not going to rant about how it's unethical to download music but if you're going to enjoy a "musician"'s work, then pay him for it. If you download it to give it a quick spin but decide it sucks (the most likely case), then no harm, no foul. Support the people who do good work and don't rip them off because you're cheap.

It's not that i wouldn't buy the album, it's just that sometimes when your on a low budget, buying things that you don't need and your not even sure how good they are suppose to be is something you just don't do. I've got 2 Dave Matthews cd's ( not burned either) that i purchased... while some can blow money on shit they don't absolutely need, some simply can't afford to do so.

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