stash bash is for losers

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Posted by crackrabbit2 at on October 10, 2003 at 01:27:38:

yeah that's right you heard me! I didnt wanna go anyway (God I wish I'd written that essay) who cares about some stupid party (I am soo jealous) I had more important shit to do anyway (I really have no life) then hang out with a bunch of sycophantic losers (Lord, I am so lonely) fawning over some over-rated director (Kevin Smith kicks ass!) and participating in some obvious Hollywood marketing ploy (this is the coolest thing Ive ever heard of a director doing for his fans) I'm just secure in the knowledge that I was too cool to even send an essay in like the rest of you chumps (procrastinating on a homework assignment finally cost me something worthwhile, just like all those high school teachers always said it would, and now, all I can taste is my own bile!). Seriously I hope all you guys have a safe trip and a killer time, and Kevin with all the headaches I'm sure setting this thing up caused, I wanted to say, on behalf of the fans who arent going, I'll be there in spirit and I think it's damn cool of you to put this thing together. PARTY ON V.A'ers!!

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