Re: Completely Random Long Poll # 2!!!

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Posted by Queen of Urban Legend at on October 09, 2003 at 19:55:38:

In Reply to: Completely Random Long Poll # 2!!! posted by MasterdeBater774 on October 09, 2003 at 18:36:34:

: My second completly random long poll... enjoy!

: _______________________________________________________________________
: Feelings about:

: Britney Spears (and/or any celebrity)?

I enjoy nothing about Britney Spears...but I don't care if other people drool over her, listen to her "music", incessantly post pictures of her on the board, etc.

: Abortion?

Every woman's choice.

: Downloading music?

I don't do it personally...

: Matrix?

Really enjoyed both flicks...looking forward to the conclusion...but I don't stay up at night thinking about it.

: Arnold as Governor?

I don't live in California.

: BEN AND JENNIFERS breakup? (capitalized because i hate "bennifer")

This is none of my business.
: _______________________________________________________________________

: Favorite(s):

: Video Game?

Of all time? Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

: Video Game System?

PS2...although my memories of the NES are fond.

: Feeling?


: Soda?

Mountain Dew

: Sport?


: Beer?

I don't really have a favorite beer.

: Tobacco Product(if any)?

See, it's a drug...I'm addicted. I'd hate to use the word "favorite"...but I smoke Marlboro Lights.

: Music?

Probably like a heavier, "alternative" type rock.

: Animal?

: _______________________________________________________________________

: Have you ever:

: Kissed (or hook up with)someone of the same sex?

No...but I made out with Catherine Zeta-Jones in a dream recently.

: Had a dream that you can't wake up from?

No...if I never woke up...I'd be dead right now.

: Have the dream about going to school, work etc. naked?

Nope...I used to dream that I was running with my eyes closed a lot...and I remember wondering if I was naked as I ran. Once I finally got my eyes to open...I was fully clothed.

: Got piss drunk at a party, in which you woke up the next day with no recall of what happened?

Yes...once, never again.

: Beat someones ass for something not worthy of getting mad about now that you think about it( or just because you were pissed )?

I've never beaten anyone's ass.

: *CONTRAVERSIAL Q!!!* Download an MP3!?!?!

I've never done this, no.

: Make someone cry intentionlly?


: Cheated on boyfriend/girlfriend?


: Steal something?

Yes, one lonely Life Saver when I was ten...I took it out of the package because I was afraid to steal the whole pack. Oh, and office supplies from work...but that doesn't count.

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