Re: MING... u still around?

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Posted by Gabe at on August 23, 2003 at 00:39:28:

In Reply to: MING... u still around? posted by SilentBobette on August 22, 2003 at 09:09:22:

Uber Produzent: i'd be afraid my iq would drop 20 points just by talking to the dumbass
garthfan16: lol
garthfan16: Hey thats leader of the goddamn country
Uber Produzent: oh yeah.. and that election was won fair too, huh? *roles eyes*
Uber Produzent: fucking inbred hick
garthfan16: lol
garthfan16: Gore was a fuckhead
Uber Produzent: Gore is more of a politician than Bush
Uber Produzent: He'd have made a better president
garthfan16: yeah if you LIKE NAZIE
garthfan16: NAZIS
Uber Produzent: that makes a lot of sense there, genious..
garthfan16: I HATE YUOU
garthfan16: lol
Uber Produzent: *shrug* I don't strive to make people like me
Uber Produzent: If you disagree with my opinion, then hey, that's your right as a human.. But I just think in order to be president of the free world you should have a higher IQ than most junior high students..
garthfan16: lol tis true
Uber Produzent: "Americans.. We've had a blackout.. What we need to do is find out what the problem is.. Get to the bottom of that problem.. And fix it.."
Uber Produzent: That's why he's president, right there.. *sigh*
garthfan16: IT MAKES SENSE....
garthfan16: its easy
garthfan16: its plain
garthfan16: people understand it
Uber Produzent: It's because he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about!
garthfan16: where as gore would be like " blah blah blah I inventwed the interenet, i had ssex with sheep and damnit i liked it"

Uber Produzent: You know, it takes a great deal of ignorance to simply make things up about a person to lower their credibility.. "I had sex with sheep".. I'm sure he says that a lot.. And to be honest it sounds more like our fine president Mr. Bush.. Being from TX and living on a ranch and all..
garthfan16: lol omg shut im joking
Uber Produzent: I'm just saying
garthfan16: *Hugs* love feel the love
Uber Produzent: I can say "Ladies and gentlemen, AIDS is a problem in the United States and all over the world.. We need to find out what the problem is, get to the bottom of it, and fix it.." That doesn't mean I know what the fuck I'm talking about..
Uber Produzent: I'm sure he's upset gas prices are going down in the US, that's going to postpone the next war in the middle east.. shit.. at least another six months..
garthfan16: Oh shut up!
Uber Produzent: North Korea : "We have nuclear material, we will nuke the US, we hate the US" Bush: "I don't believe you, you don't have oil.. We're going to bomb Iraq.. They're a major threat to the US, all those weapons (that we STILL haven't found) of mass destruction and all.."
garthfan16: ok im sorry
garthfan16: jesus

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