f'd up interpretation....FYI I use Swoon.com

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Posted by Kimberlieo at ac822ea2.ipt.aol.com on August 23, 2003 at 00:16:35:

In Reply to: i had an f'd up dream once... posted by Oi-now with 38% more PUNK! on August 23, 2003 at 00:04:13:

These big animals if in a normal friendly mood are an omen of great good luck. Performing they signify helpful friends and/or associates. Working, they indicate assured success in all your undertakings. If you fed it, watered it, rode, or sat on it, you may expect a sudden rise of status or other improvement through a sheer lucky break or the discovery or return of something you thought irretrievable. Even the adverse aspect of this beast, which is if it frightened or attacked you, isn't really dreary, as it signifies annoying but temporary obstacles to your progress.

Obviously, the details of the dream action must be correlated, but according to the ancient oracles, urine, as such, is a symbol of increasing creative power and/or strength; however, to urinate signifies a release from tension and/or worry.

Blue indicates liberation from worry and/or help from outside sources.

Green pertains to travel or news from a distance.

The meaning of a dream involving a motorcar depends very much on its aspect. If the car was merely a means of transport, it has, in itself, no particular significance, and other details of the dream should be carefully considered. However, if the car was speeding, you can expect some sudden news from a distance; an accident forecasts recovery of something lost; if the engine lost power or stalled or if you ran out of gas, you could be embarrassed by misplacing your confidence and/or affections.

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