Re: Well, hold the phone.

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Posted by Xtian at on August 22, 2003 at 16:02:36:

In Reply to: Well, hold the phone. posted by Tom (POJK) on August 22, 2003 at 15:01:30:

: -- Okey dokey, Che Guevara, you continue your rebellion or... uh... whatever it is you're doing. To be honest, that paragraph really didn't make much sense, but you do what you like. You can explain it if it'll make you feel better, but I ain't that interested.

its not so much a rebellion, just that you seem to setting yourself up as a barometer of what constitutes a valid post and poster for this board. if this was a position you have been elected to, i apologize for running contrary to your vision.

two sentences do not a pargraph make, btw.

: -- Sure Xtian, sure. Since I only know you through this web-board, you're Xtian to me, the silver-tongued defender of the ladies and wannabe linguistics professor who's continually out-classed by a virtual paper-clip with eyes.

i have defended no one, swallowed mercury zero times, and i don't think i have been continually anything... i just havent been here long enough, time will tell. i think it says a lot about your particular grammar skills that you look to a microsoft product as the end all be all of written language.

do you often start sentences out of your actual mouth with then?

a little reality check though, you are the one who was making a comment about someone's punctuation skills, i only continued the trend. are you immune from wannabe labels? are you above such things? just curious about what absolves you from the barbs you toss at others...

: -- Very clever. Bill Cosby would be proud of you reprazentin' the black man's superhero.

bill cosby is probably as black as you are.

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