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Posted by CorporateSlutSophisticated at on August 22, 2003 at 14:05:52:

In Reply to: Since I missed out on the thick of the religion... posted by Queen of Urban Legend on August 22, 2003 at 13:28:42:

: If you are religious, is your faith based upon your actual thoughts and/or feelings about the religion (did you research the faith, etc.), or were you just brought up a certain way and feel the need to continue on the path outlined by your family (or whatever influential party "raised" you)?

~~~~ Well...I have been steered away from 'organized religion' all together because the church my family attended until I was about 11 was basically a cult. Some people have heard of it, The WorldWide Church of God. There was books written about the eccentricity of the pastor, Armstrong. The point is, they combined all the strict rules of other religions into one;

- 40% of the income goes to church

- no dancing

- no birthdays, halloween, christmas, or ham

- music was evil, when my dad went as a kid, he was convinced to sell all his old records because they were evil. thing is, they would have value right now, he had hendrix, the stones, elvis costello, etc.

- caffiene was evil

- and a whole lot more that I have since blocked out.

They didn't even have a real temple or church. Services were held on Saturdays in a school gymnaium or auditorium or cafeteria. Another thing I didn't realize until I was about 15, and had since stopped going, was that what they called "The Feast" (a yearly gathering of members of the 'church' from everywhere. theyd pick somewhere, usually a large US city or a different country.), was actually exactly like those Televangelist gatherings you see on early morning TV. The huge auditorium, the extremely sweaty and wide eyed people speaking in tongues, the excited preacher, everything. Well, that 'church' damaged my view of organized religion until I went to a freinds church (Lutheran) which was more of what you'd expect. Smaller, freindlier, less strict. But I'm still not down for it. To be honest, I have no idea what I believe in, I'm still just a kid (18) and I'm truly a horribly blasphemous person. Just take a look at my site. I'm trying to be Buddhist, it interests me alot and I think I've found something I agree with, and the fact that one sect doesn't even worship a god, just practices a way of life, makes it easier. But I can't 'truly' be Buddhist until I quit smoking (elimination of temptation). Anyways, I agree with Lithmick. I just try to be a good person even though I don't really believe in the Christian god (it all seems to fantastic. maybe I have a scientist's mind), that way, when I do meet whatever put me on this earth, I can back up my case with " I wasn't a complete asshole, at least."

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