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Posted by MichelleInMichigan at on August 22, 2003 at 13:49:21:

In Reply to: Since I missed out on the thick of the religion... posted by Queen of Urban Legend on August 22, 2003 at 13:28:42:

: discussion below...(fantastic thread, by the way Isis...thank you for bringing some intellectual debate to board and drawing Mr. Smith out of the woodwork) I thought I'd throw out my own question.

: If you are religious, is your faith based upon your actual thoughts and/or feelings about the religion (did you research the faith, etc.), or were you just brought up a certain way and feel the need to continue on the path outlined by your family (or whatever influential party "raised" you)?

Dad was raised Baptist and Mom was raised Catholic. Both of them resented their families for forcing the religion upon them, so when they came together they decided they would allow their children to explore a lot of different religions and come to their own decision.

I have to hand it to them... it was pretty cool. I visited many different churchs with friends or even on my own, just to see what was up. I came to the decision that the main thing that people should get out of religion is the golden rule... treat others how you would like to be treated. If we all stuck to that, religious or non, we'd live in a much happier place.

If I live by this, which I do pretty much to the best of my ability, I think that if there is an afterlife of any sort where judgement is passed, that I should pass. If I don't... well, too bad so sad, I don't believe in a hell either.

I think it's important to be spiritual. To be connected in a emotional way to your own self, to others, to the earth, etc. If that's a higher power, then I think that's cool. I have respect for all people and all beliefs, and only ask the same respect for my beliefs in return.

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