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Posted by Mrs. Isis Fabulous at on August 22, 2003 at 13:39:00:

In Reply to: Since I missed out on the thick of the religion... posted by Queen of Urban Legend on August 22, 2003 at 13:28:42:

I try.

: If you are religious, is your faith based upon your actual thoughts and/or feelings about the religion (did you research the faith, etc.), or were you just brought up a certain way and feel the need to continue on the path outlined by your family (or whatever influential party "raised" you)?

My parents are decidedly a-religious. They're spiritual people but intellectually oppposed to organized religion. Their families are not particularly religious either.

I was influenced a bit by Baptism as a child since my babysitter (who was like a third grandmother to me) was very devout, but it didn't speak to me.

My faith now is a hodge-podge of all sorts of different things. I happened to meet up with some Wiccans when I was a teen who taught me some things, and I split with them over various intellectual disagreements. Now I sort of free-lance on my own and pick up whatever feels good. My major influences are Taoism and paganism of all sorts, particularly Celtic Craft and mythology since that's my ethnic background.

In recent years I've hung out with Druids, witches, Faeries, agnostics, ecstatic Christians, Unitarian Universalists, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, the Rainbow Family, so on and so forth. I'm open to learning something from anyone. I think it's unwise to stick to one source of information -- that's like only listening to one kind of music.

My family thinks my interests are a little flaky, but they don't mind. I always liked Tarot cards and shit like that from a very early age, so I suppose I just lean towards the mysterious.

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