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Posted by turningintoJerry at dialup- on August 22, 2003 at 12:17:53:

In Reply to: No bash. I should try to explain myself better. posted by Mrs. Isis Fabulous on August 22, 2003 at 11:57:46:

Respect all around, right? That's our way? It's right there in the constitution - FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Everyone is free believe whatever they want to. God forbid anyone be denied their rites. Well, what about Christians? We have the same right to believe what we want to with out being persecuted, donít we? Well it just so happens, that in our religion we believe that there is one true way to get to heaven, JUST ONE: Faith in Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. With out that faith, we believe, you spend an eternity apart from God in a place called hell. That is what we believe and is what we have a constitutional right to believe. So, that being the case, you tell me how it's possible for there to be any room for, in our believe system, other possibilities, religions, etc. That's part of our Faith! Yes, Buddha is wrong! Yes modern day Judaism is wrong! Yes other "valid" religions are wrong - in the Christian belief system. That's the nature of religion. If your a Buddhist, then Christians and everyone else is wrong! If we truly believe our religion is right, as is our rite, then how can we also allow space for everyone else?

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