man, i can't even take your

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Posted by NJStatuteSection2A170/51 at on August 26, 2003 at 02:29:06:

In Reply to: Geuss who's being sued. posted by innerinsanity666 on August 26, 2003 at 02:17:07:

anger and pain and shove it up that guy's ass! And I wish I could. I know how your feel though. A few years ago I was driving my (now totalled) Pontiac Lemans...small little euro thing in case you didnt know what it looks like. Anyway, I wasnt paying attention and I pulled in front of a drump Truck...The guy hit me just about head on. Yes, it was my fault and i was cited...but later i got a nice letter from my insurance company saying that this guy claims he was hurt....give me a break...i hate people.

: Me thats who, and im fucking pissed, Can you belive that I am actually being, the nicest guy in the world...Here, let me set up this scenario for you.

: It is a dark and Snowy Night in Michigan. The cold is bitter and the snow is thick in the air. You can see 20 maybe 30 yards in front of you. beyond that nothing but a wall of White Powder in every direction. The wind Blows hard on this particular night as 2 young adventurers make the return home from a neighboring village. These 2 young adventurers are none ther that Insanity and his Best friend Devon. they are driving slowly down the Icey road, trying to no avail to remain somewhere within the bvoundaries of the road ahead.....when all of a sudden there doth apear a light in the distance, heading straight for the young adventurers, It is a car, traveling far too fast for the conditions, unable to slow down or steer into its own lane it bears down upon Insanity and his Chevy Astro Van. Stopping is not an option, Swirving is not an option, without the intervention of the gods surley our Heros are doomed...But wait, Insanity managed to steer just to the right of the car, they only tapped sides and They spin out and come to a quick, abrupt stop...luckily our heros are wearing their security straps. Insanity jumps from his vehicle and runs to check on the condition of the driver of the car that hit him...he is all fact, he is laughing as he kicks his car, dented and smashed. An on looker calls 911 on a celllar phone, and the vehicles are towed to town.

: This is exactly what happened, from start to finish, and now Im being sued by his auto insurrance company for $5000.00 saying that I caused the accident, and that I owe him 5 grand for a car that was only with $800.00 Blue Book price. I dont have $5000.00, I dont have $5.00, I cant even afford to Win this case, I have to hire an atorny, I have to pay court fee's, and if the judge sides with them, I will have to pay the 5 grand, this is gonna bank rupt me, just now as I was about to get on with my life and was in the process of buying a home....


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