I fucking hate car insurance, credit information..

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Posted by Übermenschİ at as0-isdn-36.wustl.edu on August 26, 2003 at 00:03:22:

etc. I moved from WV to St. Louis, MO 2 weeks ago and now I'm in the midst of getting my residency and shit worked out. So I go to transfer my auto insurance and the rates for my current coverage are going up by nearly 30%. WTF? Just for switching states? Naturally, because I have only one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, I get fucked in the ass even harder. I've never even caused an accident.

So I'm looking at different companies and I continue to be anally violated. I check out the justification and how they decide what to charge. Well, turns out that my credit is TOO good (never been late on any payment) and those bastards charge me MORE.

It's high time we males (hell, the entire citizenry) bring a class-action lawsuit against these greedy sons of bitches. I'm tired of padding the insurance execs' pockets for shitty service and dubious coverage.

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