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Posted by NJStatuteSection2A170/51 at on August 22, 2003 at 12:11:07:

In Reply to: Trents comic is valid I wonder... posted by AshFan on August 22, 2003 at 11:52:57:

maybe Kevin feels that way maybe he doesn't. However, there are many times when I see the flames hit the newbies that post on here that it reminds me of each time I go into my local comic shop and see all the players hunkering over their D & D and/or magic cards. Keep in mind, that I do not have anything against those things at all. But they tend to give me that look of a mocking sense of superiority. As if, "who is this ass-clown?" See Donald Logue et al. in Comic Book Villains for the general idea. Maybe it's because I do not look like a guy who loves Comics, Spongebob, and The Fairly Odd Parents. I don't honestly know or care.

I guess my point is that the small minorities who tend to gravitate toward certain things that are outside the general digestion of the 'public' prefer to rejoice in their own proclivities and ostracize others who simply don't 'get it.' I simply do not see why there are some that are so resistant to ideas that do not fit into their little realm. I say, embrace them. When there is a place where people can express themselves is any way they choose, and in almost any manner in which they choose - there will always be some things that are probably not inside the general mission statement or goal. Personally, I may not agree with what some people do or say on this planet, let alone this board, but I will defend their right to say it. Having said that, people do need to recognize that this board is not technically public domain and you cannot say everything you may really desire. Put it simply what the Lord Smith giveth, he can taketh away.

: We all realize that this board has moved more toward a group of people who have at least ONE common interest (Kevin Smith Movies/news in case anyone has forgotten) talking about a variety of topics unrelated to the origins of the board. What do you think Kevins perception of this is? Is he happy that we all enjoy talking/sparring/openly mocking each other and society? Or is he sitting there thinking, "What the fuck are these morons babeling about today? And why am I paying for this!?"

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