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Posted by Jason Mack Rocks at on August 25, 2003 at 19:42:17:

In Reply to: Just saw Gigli... posted by Bill Clay on August 25, 2003 at 19:38:31:

: How the fuck did this movie get named 'worst movie of all time?' It's probably not even the worst movie of the year. I was a little turned off by Jenefer Lopez's character, but Ben Affleck's was pretty funny. It's interesting to see him play a duchebag for a change. I even laughed two or three times (like Ben Affleck preparing for sex in front of the bathroom mirror). "She makes my penis sneeze?" I nearly soiled myself. Al Pacino's psudo-cameo was intresting. He reminded me of a gay, homicidal Frank W. Slade who's not blind.

: But I will conceed that alot of the dialouge was pretty awful (specificly Lopez's eye-gouging monolouge).

I honestly didn't even find the movie bad at all. I was laughing at Affleck all the way throught it because he came off as such an ass it was hilarious. The scene where he and Lopez were talking about the power of their sexual organs was hilarious. And I agree witht he Pacino opinion. I thought I was the only one that figured his character was a little fruity.

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