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Posted by jtatooine at on August 25, 2003 at 14:23:13:

In Reply to: MUSIC POLL posted by Something-Like-37 on August 25, 2003 at 01:42:07:

I don't understand bad tastes in music. I couldn't go and see crap like Creed or Linkin Park with 50,000 other idiots. I like my shows small, and intimate and good.

Ok so here is a snippet.

This Year:
Reggie and the Full Effect/Midtown 08/03
The New Amsterdams 08/03
Hot Hot Heat (twice in 03)

Best Evers:
Weezer (TLA in Philly, like 1000 people in 00)
Radiohead (Troc in Philly, like 1000 people in 95)
Get Up Kids (Troc in 2000, Electric Factory 2001)
Sunny Day Real Estate/Velocity Girl (Troc in 94)
Dead Milkmen (Last show ever. Troc 94 or 95)
Reggie and the Full Effect/Hot Rod Circuit/Koufax (Troc in 2001)
Midtown/New Found Glory (Pontiac Grille in 2000)
The Anniversary/Dashboard Confessional/Hey Mercedes/Hoggles Jewelry/Tatooine (Rutgers Camden 2001)
The Rentals(HMV records and Troc 96?)
Pavement(Troc in 96?)
Saves the Day (all troc shows)
Blink 182 (Electric Factory/Warped Tour 99)
Nerf Herder (Troc in 96?)

Worst Evers:
Warped Tour 2001 (no good bands, why did I even go?)
Thursday (I've been to 3 of their shows and they weren't at any of them)
That Dog (Troc mid nineties, broke up just before show I wish I knew before hand)
Y100 Fest 2001 (sat through a whole bunch of crap just to see Weezer. Crap=Lifehouse, Our Lady Peace, Barenaked Ladies, Vertical Horizon, Good Charlotte. The only good bands were Tenacious D, Weezer and Pete Yorn)
Good Charlotte (TLA, they were the opening band, they weren't even close to famous yet and they were hitting on the 12 year old girls)
G Love and Special Sauce (owed somebody a favor)
98 Degrees (TLA in Philly, so funny it should be in the best evers)
Queensryche/Iron Maiden (Queensryche didn't even play Silent Lucidity?)
Kiss (does Gene Simmons have to talk so much? Left after 5 songs)

As for numbers:
Weezer: 6 times
Radiohead: 3 times
Get Up Kids: 3 times
New Found Glory: 6 times
Dashboard Confessional: 3 times
Blink 182: 6 times
Saves the Day: 4 times

There are so many more, good and bad. I need to find some ticket stubs to remember... plus I've spent about an hour writing this.

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