i saw the two greatest movies ever yesterday

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Posted by shitty speller...DEAL WITH IT! at 24-205-35-70.gln-eres.charterpipeline.net on August 25, 2003 at 14:23:13:

American Splendor was amazing. See it even if you really didn't know who harvey pikar was, just like me

shoalin soccer was one of the funniest movies ive seen in a while. EXTREMLY FUCKIN STUPID fun. apparently it was the highest grossing film of all time in hong kong, miramax bought the rights for it, and has kept on delaying its release. I heard it might be coming out in september.

the film is hilarious. its a take off on those bad martial arts movies. the premise is a bunch of shoalin brothers start a soccer team to kick the ass of team evil. they have magically powers that help them fly up in the air and kick soccer balls really really hard. the special effects are on the same level as power rangers, the dubbing is the worst i have ever heard, the writing is terrible, the plot is extremly predictable, but oh jesus if you are a fan of "so bad its good movies" this is your masterpiece. Its a real love it or hate it picture. A bunch of people walked out on it, but the ones who stayed just giggled their asses off

scary movie+ enter the dragon+ the matrix ( a lot of the effects rip of the matrix's bullet time, yet it looks so shitty its hilarious)+power rangers = Shoalin soccer

fuckin miramax! release it already!

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