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Posted by Drunken Man Whore at on August 25, 2003 at 06:20:25:

As I am a huge film fan (like you all) I have seen a few films in other languages while on holiday

Taxi driver in French
Mullholland Dr in French (it made more sense)
Pere et Fils - thats french anyway - I had no idea what was going on
Pirates of the carrabian in french - Johnny still manages to do it for me

and in italy final destination 2 has only just been released - so I saw that (its easy to follow) - and it was censored oddly. The violence was cut (eg - the bit where the ladder crushed the guys face was missed out, u just saw him fall off the ladder and it went black then u saw the news paper headline about him being killed).

And there r lots of dogma pasters here advertising its cinema release. I presume they r just 5\6 years old cus it woulsnt make sense if Dogma was only just being released. Also they have Alanis's name on the posta in like third place - maybe she is popular over here

Rhys in Milan


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