I can't believe I'm finally on when you are!!!

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Posted by Press Whore at adsl-66-143-144-154.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net on August 24, 2003 at 12:21:08:

Afternoon, Kevin!

Glad to see you stopped by. This is the first time Iíve actually posted something when youíre here. The one other time I was on when you were here, I didn't post anything because I thought you left again without answering anything. I figured you had technical difficulties or something, but you were really just giving us time to write the questions and coming back later to answer them. I'm the biggest idiot ever! So, anyway, on with the Spanish Inquisition:

How was Jen's trip to Prague? Why did she go? Did Harley go along? Can I go with them on their next overseas trip?

Recently, you made this comment about Jersey Girl: ďI swear, I canít wait Ďtil March - because then our flick can be seen, and I wonít have to say/defend/correct anything anymore. The film can speak for itself.Ē Is this starting to remind you a little bit of Dogma? People condemned the movie before they even saw it-- only this time itís due to J-Lo instead of Jesus.

On to newer newsÖ. Itís such an awesome thing that you will be directing Fletch Won! Too bad Jason Lee isnít being considered for the part, though. I know itís a tad early to know this for sure, but do you think you will use fans as extras in Fletch and/or Ranger Danger? I had a wonderful time on the Jersey Girl set and even though it took 18 hours to drive there and even though we got lost in the ghetto of Philly, it was worth every second!

Speaking of being on the Jersey Girl set, can you thank Ben for me? He stopped me from going to the bathroom when I was on set for the Hard Rock shoot, and now I have a great story to tell my friends... I was walking to the bathroom trailer when he just appeared from nowhere leaning on his SUV and talking on his cell phone. I froze when I noticed him and in an effort not to look star-struck I made a face like I forgot something and spun around and headed back to my husband and a few other extras to point out that Affleck was standing not 10 feet away from us. I couldn't get up the nerve to go pee again for like an hour. Actually, I have another story-- I caught a glimpse of you giving Harley a bouquet and a big kiss and I teared up from the cuteness. However, my friends don't care one iota about you so it's not as great of a story. Sorry!

I have tons of other questions, but I donít want to exhaust my resources all at once, so thanks tons, Kev! You are too very cool to do this for your fans. (insert additional ass kissing here)

Take care,
Laura / Press Whore (used to be SilentBobette)
aka imadame (NewsAskew.com)

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