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Posted by nu-gi at on August 24, 2003 at 09:25:35:

In Reply to: Pissing off the fanboys... posted by Dilly the Monkey on August 24, 2003 at 00:20:08:

so you only posted this diatribe to "piss off" fans of Kevin Smith? or do you expect Kevin Smith will read this post and call Harvey and say, "we can't release Jersey Girl because I'm obviously no good at romantic comedies!" ? And if you're just stating an opinion, why do it on the website of the man that you're criticizing? Seriously, what's your motiviation?

Actually, scratch that... I know that your motivation is attention. Here's my opinion on YOU: You are either 1) as big of a Kevin Smith geek as the rest of the people on this board, and you're desperately trying to attract some attention from the "big man" by trashing his work, or 2) You really believe this stuff and you're just a "troll" trying to gain attention from complete strangers, and you feel some pseudo-power by getting people to "flame" you.

My bet is the former, because of this: "If you're wondering, I do read these posts even if I really never post"

I hope my response placates your ego a bit. I have given you attention. Good show.

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