Oops, OK, here's some insight to my question.

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Posted by e6bwhiz at 12-227-26-85.client.attbi.com on August 23, 2003 at 22:53:33:

In Reply to: Here' posted by e6bwhiz on August 23, 2003 at 22:47:24:

: : : : : : : Jay say's LaFours is "faster than Walt Flanagan's dog." So is Brodie really fast or was something else being referenced?

: : : : : : WHAT?!

: : : : : : He says that LaFours is faster than Walt flanagans dog. and what the fuck are you talking about, about Brodie being fast when he say LAFOURS is faster than walts dog

: : : : : LA FOURS is the bald headed fucker you freak! That's how you tell 'em!

Yes, Walt Flanagan is a real person. I am aware that he did have a dog during the shooting of Mallrats. The character "Brodie" was modeled after Walt. The real name of Walt's dog is Brodie. Hence, is Brodie (Walt's dog) really fast? Sorry I didn't elaborate before, but I figured whoever would know the anwser to my question wouldn't need further explaination.

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