Piracy's a tricky subject.

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Posted by Übermenschİ at as0-isdn-63.wustl.edu on August 23, 2003 at 22:33:39:

In Reply to: music piracy on the brain posted by Doobie Keebler on August 23, 2003 at 22:07:44:

: Does anyone else feel that the music industry is feeling a backlash of what they have told audiences to listen to and in turn blame music piracy for slumping sales?

There is undoubtedly a backlash against the RIAA and major labels for alienating those who would buy their product. Concerning diminished profits, what the RIAA doesn't readily reveal is that for the past 2 years they've been producing ~25% fewer albums than in the late 90s thru 2001. "Our sales are down 10%!" they yell, disregarding other influential factors and blaming solely music piracy.

: I see cd's for resale at music stores, is that not the same thing?

Certainly the music biz would prefer albums not reselling but given the current business model, they have no claim for wrongdoing.

: Also, does anyone know if downloading movies has effected the the movie industry in the way the music industry claims it has been hit?

So far the MPAA hasn't made such fools of themselves, probably due to A) the sheer size of movie files and B) downloaded files quality usually sucks and therefore the viewer may still see the movie in the theatre. Amusingly, the movie industry has started blaming movie failures on text messaging, saying that teens can get the word out much quicker when a movie is worthless.

: I don't dobut that it has an impact on either industry

Some impact probably, but it'd be fairly negligible. The music and movie industries are still raking in the cash even in a downturned economy.

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