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Posted by Walter 7mm at on August 23, 2003 at 21:57:41:

in a place, board like this, I can't say I know anything about view askew, the actors or kevin smith. I live in sweden, and as I came across "jay and silent bob strike back", or "stjärnor utan hjärnor" -as it's called here. (translate: Stars without brains) I got a first glimpse of what Kevin Smith offered USA.

I liked the movie. But it was just another comedy flick. the months past until that glorius day I got a sight at the cover of an almost "torned to pieces" -cover in a videoshelf at a local videostore. It was Clerks. Yet I did not rent or see it. Though kept in mind that characters from JASBSB occured in another movie. more months passed until I saw Chasing amy on tv. no need to spill my guts about what I thought about it - It's Chasing Amy.

By then I realized that I had to see clerks, and by so I found mallrats and Dogma too. and when I saw JASBSB again, the picture fit. I was now familiar with Brodie, holden, Dante and Randal - as they were the same characters in JASBSB. It's like seeing the end of a movie first, and then rewind to see all of it - and finally understand the ending.

I only know what they reveal in the movies. so I'm not educated in the rest of the story about view askew and kevin, except for what he talks about in the dvd "An Evening with Kevin Smith".

And if you, Kevin, would read this - I would like to thank you for placing a door I could open to enter a whole new world. (which really is all about "dick and fart" -jokes) and if you could, send me a mail - to educate me in view askew, tell me something about you or just write "Hi"

/probably Landskrona's (the city I live in) greatest Kevin Smith fan

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