You hate Oompa Loompas?

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Posted by Bob301 at on August 23, 2003 at 20:42:41:

In Reply to: Responses.... posted by Eyes Only on August 23, 2003 at 19:54:41:

Like it's not hard enough for orange midgets with green hair and perpetually think they're ina musical to get a job, you have to go and say you HATE them? That's harsh, man. I was raised by Oompa Loompas. That's me, in the middle. Times were harsh after that movie- we had to go into whale-skinning just to earn a decent 150 grand a year. We only had the two yachts after mom (she's on the left, right there) got that plastic surgery and added two inches to her height. I can't sell autographs for more than ten dollars each anymore. I had to get rid of my Benz to pay for college, and now I have to drive the Bently. So next time you want to make fun of someone, pick on someone you're own size, because we Oompas are having a tough enough time as it is.

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