That would never happen...

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Posted by Zeebadaboodee at on August 23, 2003 at 11:43:22:

In Reply to: That's not entirely true... posted by The Bastard on August 23, 2003 at 10:28:53:

: If everyone could get the message across to the studio they would boycott the movie if Lee was not involved, they might reconsider. what good is having a big hollywood star like Will Smith if no one sees the movie? What people really need to do is set up an online petitiona nd get a few million people to sign it.

Do you really think there are "a few million" people out there who actually care whether or not Jason Lee gets the part of Fletch? My guess is a few thousand might be a stretch, much less a few million.

The truth is, the supporters of Jason Lee or a moderately vocal minority, and even then they are only vocal here on this board. The vast majority of the movie-going audience would much rather have Will Smith or any one of the names mentioned on Kevin's list. The reason being that they are names that people actually recognize.

Jason is a moderate celebrity at best in the grand scheme of things, and while most of us hope that changes, for now that is the way it is.

I think most of us would have rather had Jason play the part of Fletch, but the odds of changing anything in this deal or around 0%.


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