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Posted by Chicago at on August 23, 2003 at 03:31:28:

Smith is a great brand of sunglasses. They have one of the coolest logos around and they are the best fitting shades. (Does Kevin wear Smith?)
I really don't care what anyone else says, I think the third Matrix movie is going to be bloody awesome.
(Ok, I do care what anybody else says because I want to tell them they're wrong.)
George Lucas needs to fire his casting director.
You know what I hate? When you sit down and for some odd reason watch more movies than you normally would in any given week. And after watching that cancerous amount of movies, you realize deep inside how pointless movies are. What IS the point? Ok, true story. A while back (I will not tell you how far back) I was having some... what you might call... girl trouble. So another girl takes me aside and gives me some advice. "Just pretend you're in a movie," she says. I have never felt so alienated in my life. I suddenly felt like I was surrounded by fucking idiots. This whole idea of "fake" controlling "real." And it does. Fuck. "Fiction" controlling "fact." I mean, we all have our idols... but do we have to make this shit our gods? Fact is, we spend more time fucking worshipping the glowing box in our living rooms and the silver screen than we do any heavenly deity. What the fuck are we gonna say on judgement day? Just fucking pretend we're in another movie? Fuck the movies... I'm done.

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