Kev, Wizard World pissed me off...

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Posted by GTJDorris at on August 10, 2003 at 18:27:52:

First off, not your fault or anyone associated with you. I got in line for tickets 10 minutes before the doors to the damned place were supposed to even open officially (10 a.m. my ass!) and I'm standing there reading my program what not. And then they walk off and cap the line, not counting people mind you, just eyeballing it and handed the "I'm soooo last in line" card to the chick in front of me. Now I wasn't paying attention, and there was no one behind me. I was just glad to wait in line to get my ticket. Then I'm accused of "cutting in line" at the very end behind everyone else. I told them I had been standing there waiting if thats what they meant. I was told it was cut off, capped, no more. Now at this point a polite statement of "I'm sorry, no more room" would have been fine but they were borderline yelling at me. Now to cut off the line without counting individual people pissed me off, not to mention that with their estimation I was ONE PERSON too many. No one else was behind me. I WAS the end of the line. How much does that suck, huh? Oh yeah by the way, I spent almost my whole bank account to fly to Chicago for this thing and got hosed out of the main appeal to me. Sucks. Would have liked to shake your hand and listen to what you had to say. Regardless, be well, hope the house of Smith is doing fine.

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