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Posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info at netcache-2004.public.lawson.webtv.net on August 09, 2003 at 19:33:23:

In Reply to: Throwing my poll over the wall.... posted by Karla on August 09, 2003 at 19:23:41:

: 1. Favorite type of Chocolate....
i love all chocolate lol but there is something special about hersheys plain milk chocolate that is comfoting

: 2. Do you wear underwear and if you do what kind?

when i wear clothes, yes i do, standard granny panties,(briefs) ya know they are fat chick chic, but in wild patterns and colors, cotton, i like natural breathable fabrics, and also i have a spoty styyle ones too lol

: 3. Favorite type of music...
alternative rock

: 4. Do you smoke?

no, and i am the only in my family who doesnt, as well as i am very very allergic

: 5. (For Gabe..) What is on your desk....

i am not gabe but i am answering.actually i dont have a desk set up right now lol

: 6. Favorite Director (Other than Kevin)....
cameron crowe

: 7. Can you draw?

some, when i was in jr high i had art classea nd my teacher told my mother i had incredible talent and potential, which i ended up never persuing. My aaunt made a living for a very long time as a graphic artist for printers until she got tired of it and went on to a new profession, she still does it on her own time tho'

I have however always been creative, crafty, arts etc, if i had put some effort into it growing up i am sure i could have done something with it

: 8. What are you doing this Saturday night?
sitting at home bored and alone :(

: 9. Favorite saying from a movie....
oh gosh i cant think

: 10. You just lose you job. What do you do?

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