But I will use this thread to contact PILKY -- HEY

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Posted by Arturo Bandini at 66-168-209-20.charterga.net on August 09, 2003 at 18:30:36:

In Reply to: Gee, I really liked this poll TWO HOUS AGO! posted by Arturo Bandini on August 09, 2003 at 18:17:00:

Hey pilky, you asked me a question back in my ADR poll and I only just noticed b/c, well, I've been off in the real world again for a coupla hours...

Since this thread is just wasting space, I might as well respon here.

I am not actually doing any ADR right now. I just really like that line (when that random guy comes up behind TS in the parking lot and TS pegs him in the jaw) in the director's commentary.

I do some freelance video work though, which sometimes involves voice-overs and syncing music. As of now I haven't had to use a special audio program (except for a couple that I use to compose canned b/g music). I have had a lot of luck using the audio effects in Premiere --- from just creating depth or completely altering a sound (I've used it to alter my voice into a car sound or crashing sound -- literally something like going "vrooom" into the mic and tweaking it in Premiere.

I also sometimes use Poser and Amorphium, (and Photoshop, etc) for visual effects...

Not to pimp myself, but if you're interested, follow the link below and look for the link "Click here for a sample of one of our :30 sec. graphic spots" -- it's one of my cheap. quick and diry spots I did for a small business. There's a couple examples of my CD covers there as well. Nothing to blow your mind...I'm freelance and cheap, so don't expect studio quality...but take a look if you wanna. (BTW, the site is shit, I always meant to actualy work on the design but...umm..gave up, I guess)

And fuck Silent Moe.

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