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Posted by Read The Summaries at 80-195-65-62.cable.ubr01.gr.blueyonder.co.uk on August 09, 2003 at 18:23:17:

In Reply to: Re: Actually, he has... posted by jackman on August 09, 2003 at 17:58:43:

: I don't want to see this movie fail, but I think it will. I have always respected Kevin because I have always seen him as being "outside" the Hollywood mainstream, doing his own thing, his own way. You can't get any more "establishment" than casting Ben-J'Lo in a picture. I always thought Kevin's writing was enough to carry a movie and although he employed big names in movies like Dogma and numerous big name cameos in Jay and Silent Bob movie, his writing and clever stories were enough to carry a movie.

They are. So why does who's acting it out matter?

Keep in mind that people posted almost the EXACT same things you are posting now about the casting of those big names in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

:Most other directors/writers in Hollywood today have to rely on tricks or special effects or even big name mainstream "hot" actors. By putting Ben and J-lo in this movie, he has lost my respect.

Why though? He's had Ben in every movie but one and has said that Affleck is his favourite actor about a million times. He's more likely to lose my respect if he DIDN'T cast Affleck because he was worried about looking like a "sell out".

If a Director makes a movie that isn't what he wanted it to be THAT's when he's sold out. And I think Kevin learned that particular lesson with Mallrats (Or else we'd all be watching Chasing Amy with David Schwimmer as Banky!)

:Who cares what I think anyway? More importantly, the American public seems to be sick of having Ben-and Jen shoved down their throats. I think this is at least partially to blame for the failure of Gigli and will also play a role in the success or lack thereof when Jersey Girl comes to the theaters. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

See, I don't think so. Kevin has faaar more of a following than Martin Brest does which WILL make a big difference in my opinion...


Let's not forget 'Kev's utter lack of dignity' he promised us signed posters last time! I wonder what he'll promise us this time!

(Disclaimer: I am not complaining about the signed posters)

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