Gigli/Jersey girl solution

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Posted by crackrabbit2 at on August 12, 2003 at 04:12:20:

firstly, I dont know shit about these two people personally, other than what entertainment tonight relentlessly shoves down my throat, so I say God bless 'em. I dont know anything about J-Lo except that she's richer than God and supposedly has some kinda "diva" reputation (which could just be some bullshit rumor started by some down-on-her-luck, ex-fly-girl looking to get some screentime on E.T. or a pissed off backup singer) but Ive never seen her acting like a bitch. Ive always liked Ben Affleck b/c of his films and b/c he's always seemed like a genuinely funny, good-spirited, fella in most of the interviews Ive seen him do. Also, he really doesnt appear to take himself too seriously and has been pretty good-natured about all the media attention. so I say fuck all that. To promote Jersey Girl, those two need to stage a full-blown VH1 behind the music, E! true hollywood story, domestic violence shitstorm! Give all the naysayers exactly what they want, fake cops, Affleck sitting on the curb outside their house, with all his clothes strewn on the front lawn, crying like a baby, and sportin' a big ole' shiner. J-Lo screaming about how Gigli ruined her career and cursing in spanish (yeah I know its a stereotype but remember the whole point is to give the media what they want)have Kevin film the whole thing with a shakey camcorder and deliver it to Leeza Gibbons first thing in the morning with a big fucking bow on top. Let that puppy air, wait a week and then send in another tape of Ben, Jennifer, and Kevin, all laughing their asses off. It would be the ultimate late April fools joke on the entertainment press and God knows theyve been asking for it, plus, I promise it'll make everyone forget about Gigli.

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