I think Gigli opened 7th or 8th. n/t

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Posted by Elmo Machete at ool-18ba0f7a.dyn.optonline.net on August 09, 2003 at 16:38:30:

In Reply to: Re: Okay, let's make a bet. posted by pilky9o on August 09, 2003 at 16:20:17:

: : Okay, let's make a bet. i bet that when Jersey Girls opens, it won't even hit the top five,

: I'll take that....Gigli was number 6!

: which is essential for any major release.

: why? On who's scale? For what reason?

: plus, i'll bet that the movie won't top 10 million in domestic sales (which is pathetic considering that Ben and Jlo in leading roles at least net this in one weekend, which is a bad weekend for them).

: OK that one I'll take....and for the record...JLO IS NOT IN A LEADING ROLE!!!!!!! For some one so in the know about hollywood you seem to have not picked up on that.

: if it doesn't do any of those things, then it's sure fired flop. who cares if it does well on video or DVD?

: It's all money right? I would think that the money doesn't care how it got to mirimax, just that it made it there safely.

: like i said, if that's kevin's argument for everything then expect to see him only make straight to video movies which is probably what will happen after this film flops.

: This will not happen I can assure you that. Kevin is beyond that now.

: forgot fletch won. it's over for a guy who has back to back flops.

: Well the thing is, Jay and Silewnt Bonb pretty much did the bank that everyone expected it to do. And remember, the studio doesn't care, they want Kevin the writer to write all their shit.

: but seriously, here is my email. louiscseke@hotmail.com. contact me and crow all you like if I'm wrong. and seriously... I hope you are right! nothing would make me happier than seeing you win this bet. i like kevin smith. but as a fan i'm disappointed in his stupid attempts to win over hollywood. i liked him much better when he was not trying to fit in with big hollywood power players. i also liked him much better when he wasn't trying to make big hits. i hope i'm wrong. and i hope jersey girl is a big hit. but let's see if i'm right. are you willing to put up or shut up?

: whgen the fuck was that? Clerks. Since then he has been trying to make hits.

: And get real, no one here is gonna bet money with some stranger on the internet. What I am willing to do is say this, I will pay money to see this movie. And what you fail to notice is that the previous video success leads into future screen success. For every fan Smith picks up in the video store, he creates a new fan who'll go to see his movies.

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