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Posted by PantherModern at on August 11, 2003 at 15:14:02:

In Reply to: I shot the pollster posted by pilky9o on August 11, 2003 at 14:38:34:

: but I did not shoot the answerers!

: Wow that was bad.....

: Ok so I wake up this morning and go on a killing spree, and that can't help but make me think of this poll.

: 1. Is grand theft auot vice city not the best game ever?

Its not really my kinda game. So, no. Its definately not the best game ever. For me.

: 2. Should companies use grand theft auto vice city as a stress relieving devide for it's employees.

No, I honestly think that most work-related disputes could be handled through some good deathmatching in UT2k3, Battlefield 1942, etc...

: 3. Since my generation was the first to grow up with video games, is it ok for us to be playing them into our late twenties?

Yes. Shit, my friends are still playing them in their late thirties.

: 4. Am I a loser because of my video game habits?

No, because if you are than 99% of the people I know are losers too.

: 5. Is it wrong to name the characters you intend to kill in your video gamesd after people you know?

No, see my example in number 2. I used to name "bots" after the people I used to work with... It was a nice form of therapy.

: 6. If you were drunk and on drugs would you go down on a stripper?

Dude... Ewww... strippers. They dont make them in my flavor for that to even be an option.

: 7. So what makes you think Ben would sober? (as all of them are pretty much saying he was no longer drunk or high?

I dont see why Ben would. But I dont really care either. Thats his fucking business and between him and his woman.

: 8. If you were out with Chriusatian Slater, his wife, and Tara Reid, would you need to take home a stripper or 4?

I just feel that these questions dont apply.

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