Hell, I will answer my own poll

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Posted by dinochic at pcp02117696pcs.strl301.mi.comcast.net on August 11, 2003 at 11:53:06:

In Reply to: Anything to get away from arguing posted by dinochic on August 11, 2003 at 11:20:20:

: Another random poll that makes no sense.

: 1. What did you want to be when you were young?
*A teacher
2. Did you become that?
*Sort of

: 3. Did you have a invisable friend? If so, tell us about him/her?
*Her name was Thersa. She had 20 moms, 20 dads, 20 brother, and 20 sisters. She was living in NY but her apartment burnt down. Her mom's were all blind, and her fathers all had no legs or arms. One of her bothers was a cop, and one was an old lady killer. She moved to Florida to work as an orange picker when I started Kindergarden (the only reason i really know this is because my mom used to keep a diary on me, and she gave it to me last year..lol...my memory isnt THAT good. But I do remember getting a b-day card from her once ..lol)

: 4. What is something that whenever you see it/hear it, it reminds you of your childhood?
*Faygo Pop

: 5. Ever have a Kool-Ade/Lemon-ade stand? Of so, did you make any money?
*Nope, never did that. I used to pick flowers and sell them to people

: 6. What was the biggest thing you got in trouble for when you were young (Let's say, under 12 years of age)?
*Hmmm, I think it was when my mom couldnt find me because I went to a friends house down the block and didnt tell anyone. Other then that, just lying, until i hit my teens, when the bad shit happened

: 7. Did you play with barbie dolls and/of G.I. Joes?
*I had one barbie, but a shitload of G.I Joes. Loved them. Barbie was a skinny bitch, i hated her. She usually died when I played.

: 8. Favorite childhood toy?
*Charlie Bear. He had a radio in him. I won him by selling candy in school. I still have him, but the radio is gone.

: 9. Favorite cartoon (past or present)
*Past- Anamanics (sp), Scooby Doo (not scrappy...little bastard)
*Present- Simpsons, South Park, SpondgeBob Squarepants (Ohhh, who lives under a pineapple under the sea?)
: 10. Ok, i guess there was a theme, I'll be damned.

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