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Posted by keri_jade at on August 11, 2003 at 11:20:01:

In Reply to: A litle late night poll never hurt anyone posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info on August 11, 2003 at 05:09:05:

These polls are allright with me.

: 1-would you rather be poor and with your soulmate or rich and alone?

If you are rich in love, how can you ever be poor. I'll take my soul mate, thank you very much.

: 2-if you had to listen to only 3 cds for 30 days what would the be?

1- Wiating for my rocket to come (Jason Mraz)
2- Infiltrate, destroy, rebuild (CKY)
3- Justified (Justin Timberlake)

: 3-do you sleep at night or during the day?

I try to sleep during the night, but that drastically cuts into me party/sex life. Thus I mainly end up sleeping during the day.

: 4-what is your morning routine?

I procrastonate until I'm late, go to the bathroom, shove on some clothes, get in my car, drive either to the train or the bus, pay my fare and ride to work.

: 5-Do you attend sporting events?


: 6-fave place to catch breakfast?

Denny's, or any greesy spoon is just right with me.

: 7-Do you attend concerts?

Yep. I just went to the Toronto/SARS one.

: 8-Do you go to clubs or bars?

Yep. I go to one bar in particular, it's called "The Landmark"...oh wait, they just changed the name to "The Place" (worst name ever!). It's okay, but they just changed DJ's and this new guy sucks!

: 9-Do you own formal wear?


: 10-have you ever been outside, not in a car or building, naked?

Yep. I believe it was this mother's day when I uh, folled arround on a certain brown eyed boy's back porch. We were both naked. He told me he loved me then promptly cheated on me with a 18yr old Hood-rat (ghetto slut). I then prompotly slept with his brother, so...

: and this concludes the randomness that is me

Hey, thanks for the poll.

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