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Posted by spider_boris at h68-146-179-142.cg.shawcable.net on August 11, 2003 at 11:10:14:

In Reply to: A litle late night poll never hurt anyone posted by Heather~Queen of Too Much Info on August 11, 2003 at 05:09:05:

: again... awash in randomness

: 1-would you rather be poor and with your soulmate or rich and alone?

That "soulmate" stuff is a load of manure, promulgated by the twin evils that are Hallmark and DeBeers, particularly around Valentine's day. gimme money.

: 2-if you had to listen to only 3 cds for 30 days what would the be?

Metallica - Black Album
Garth Brooks - Roping the Wind
Police - Synchronicity

: 3-do you sleep at night or during the day?

during the day. I work nights

: 4-what is your morning routine?

Bike home from work (7 miles), check my email, fool around in chatrooms for a while, go to sleep

: 5-Do you attend sporting events?

What for? bunch of overpaid primadonnas. would rather watch on tv

: 6-fave place to catch breakfast?

There's this little place in town here called Wanderlick's Deli. The food is average, the prices a little extreme... but the girl who works there is SMOKIN HOT

: 7-Do you attend concerts?

Not since university. Back then i used to do security for concerts, and got my fill.

: 8-Do you go to clubs or bars?

Pubs mostly

: 9-Do you own formal wear?

The most formal thing i own is a pair of jeans without any holes in it

: 10-have you ever been outside, not in a car or building, naked?


: and this concludes the randomness that is me

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