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Posted by pilky9o at on August 11, 2003 at 10:48:36:

In Reply to: Meow - Lookee here, meow. posted by Marshal on August 11, 2003 at 10:39:12:

: You looking for signifigant contributions to society when you come here, or some small form of entertainment? My guess would be the latter.

Significant contributions to this society are entertaining.

: You enjoy ripping people who you believe to be less skilled at the art of ranting then yourself. You didn't fuck with me cause of anything on the summaries yesterday, I just asked a question and had some Dallas humour that you wanted to cap on - so get your defense straight.

Actually sometimes I do enjoy ripping into people. And you were not one of them until you acted like w winey bitch. It was not your dallas humour that upset me, it was your fat jokes. It was actually my Dallas humour that you took offense to. You started railing on me for my assasination joke. That's how this all got started.

: You jumped into insults and name calling right away, you jumped into my pond, not I into yours.

not true actually. You started the assclowning, I just pointed it out toi you and suggested you should stop.

: So fuck you, you started it, I just maintain it - like a beautiful garden in the backyard of my mind - fuck-hole.

Nope wrong again. And maintain all you want, but it ain't gonna help you get anywhere in life, and somedfay you will look back on this as misspent time, and wonder why oh why did I have to be such a fool.

: Stop trying to make yourself look innocent and pretty - and don't tell me the blind thing wasn't a sympathy ploy.

it wasn't. I have never used that as a ploy for sympathy. I don't use it at work, I don't use it in my personal life, and a sure as hell don't need to use it to knock you down. I used it because it amazes me that some people think that everything in the world revolved around them. They are the kind of people that have no sense of where they are in the world. I tried to give you perspective. To show you that your feelings and actions where based on what you thought was going on around you, when in reality what you though was not exactly what was happening.

why would you not encourage the stupid, I am just by talking to you.

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