Re: Pop Fuckin' Quiz!

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Posted by dinochic at on August 11, 2003 at 10:32:33:

In Reply to: Re: Pop Fuckin' Quiz! posted by Marshal on August 11, 2003 at 10:19:41:

Well, first off, I come to the View Askew SITE to talk and post with others that share the same interest as me. Why do you come here? Honestly, I havent seen anything that you have posted that has struck up an intellectual conversation about anything. Lots of "fuck you" replies to people. I am sure you would get a better reception if you werent so closed minded about the world around you. But, I digress. As for the blow jobs, at least you have shown you have seen a Kevin Smith movie.

I have never come into this board with the thought of being more mature then everyone in here. However, when posters show that their maturity is below the level of a 4 year old, something has to be said about it. .

: Don't come on a View Askew sight 37 blowjobs later and act like you have some greater maturity level than anyone else here. AND IN ANSWER to your question that you answered my last question with (answering a question with a question)? What would keep me away would be someone who ate their own pubic hair, fed it to others, likes to eat domesticated animals or feeds their dead skin tissue to their pets.

: : : 1.Do you shave your nether regions?
: : *That is for me to know.

: : : 2. Do you eat your own pubic hair?
: : *I will never be that hungry, or that poor*

: : : 3. Do you like cats?
: : *Yep, although I am more of a dog person*

: : : 4. Have you ever eaten a cat?
: : **rolls eyes**

: : : 5. Have you ever put your pubic hair in someone's meal?
: : *This is just getting silly*

: : : 6. Have you ever fed your cat or dog the dead flakey peeling skin off your own body?
: : * I cant beleive I have the patience to still be typing. Thank god I work with kids, I am used to this shit*

: : : 7. Does an Apple a day really keep the Doctor away?
: : *What will keep you away?*

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